Monday, April 10, 2006


I attend the First SAEON Graduate Student Network Workshop held on 29 March 2006.It took place at Leriba Lodge, centurion. This was my first conference in scientific nature it helps me a lots to improve my approach on research. It was interesting as it was the first conference or workshop for graduate to network.

It was started at 8:30 to16 o’clock
The main aim of the SAEON Graduates Students network was,

 To make students to know all about the SAEON
 To encourage students to do research for long term process
 To allows graduate students to interact with senior scientist
 To have broad understanding on professional scientific research.

D.r Bob Scholes is a member of Saeon technical panel, (CSIR fellow) he also leads the ecosystem process and dynamics research at CSIR Pretoria. His presentation was guiding researcher on how to prepare a professional research which can be used in a long term period.

His key focus to guide a researcher to prepare a research which indicates the place date and name of the person who offer data and the author of the data in a research to give access to people who will want to use the data in feature

Research need to be assessed and observed so that it can satisfy social need for the people (community), these because we do research to help the community to have a better living environment. These happen because there are the one who finance most of the research indirectly.

Three pillars of landscapes by D.r. Scholes .B

He mention some interesting issues when I collect a data that, I have to record a date ,place where the data was collected and the people who help me to collect a data as well as to put my name on it. For incase if the report book for saved data get loss and also if other people want to use my data in feature

To undertake a research is not a way of benefiting yourself financially and gaining recognition, a research is taken to modify the standard of living of the community for a long term goal.

Any thing that a scientist plans must be a thing for the feature, by this it means that what a researcher observes must be for a long term. And this cannot happen always or you cannot observe most of the time and every thing. So I have to organise a hierarchies which will help to measure a lot of things in a few site

Lots of method was indicated in which a way that it reduce my estimation on how to conduct a research collecting data using metadata and also sharing the data that one collect because it does not belong to one person either your are a the researcher.

In nutshell what I have learn about writing a professional research will help me in my honours and also it encourages me to undertake research that are long term goals. Attending the conference help us to understand the way of preparing a research and also it gives me a chance to network with people in different sphere of science.